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SharkCastTV - The Voice of the Fans


SharkCastTV - streaming broadcast begins here at approximately 4:25PM and show scheduled to go live at 4:30PM & simulcast on Facebook. REFRESH PAGE.


There is nothing better than seeing Sharks supporters across the globe representing our great club. We want you to Instagram, Tweet or Email us pictures of the wild places you watch this show, the games or are just repping the club - #WhereTheSharkAreYou 

About your hosts

Sam Shinazzi

Long term Sharks fanatic, respected local singer songwriter, stats man for FOX sports, Bruce Springsteen nut and general all around good bloke.

Sam's been supporting the Sharks for longer than he can remember and resides in the upper ET "Ivory Tower" in between logging stats, recording albums, tours and gigs.

Adam Newman.

Opinionated and strong willed Newman loves an aloha shirt, pinball, the Sharks, punk rock and surfing.

Newmans been supporting the club since 96 and lives so close to the ground people park in front of his house on game day. He's a real "Sharks supporters allowed to park here only" type operator.

Rob Willis

Veteran Sharks Media Manager, ex-golf pro and lifelong Shark. Given the task of providing the "voice of reason" and club perspective to the show.  

Not particulaly known for his music abilities but does confess to frequenting many a favorite local live Shire rock n roll venue during the 80's.  Also known for his unique football insights and witty one liners.