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Make Bullying History Initiative

Make Bullying History Initiative (MBHI)

The Sharks MBHI aim is to eradicate bullying in the Shire and beyond.

The Sharks have partnered with the Make Bullying History Foundation to deliver whole school and community day intensives, programs, and follow up, to make this happen.


Overall Program

  • Delivery of a life-changing event into schools
  • Work with schools and principals to work on this issue together
  • Work with Chambers of Commerce and Businesses to support them in their fight against bullying
  • Work with Community Groups to eradicate bullying
  • Deliver anti-bulling seminars to players and staff
  • Bring us all together to unite in the fight against bullying
  • Interactive app with an antibullying storyline showing how to support children against bullies. 

Brett Murray is Australia’s number one anti-buying presenter. See Make Bullying History Foundation.

School Program

Day and Night Event - Students and Parent Intensive with Brett and Players:

Student interactive seminars

School Leaders Workshop

Teachers Inservice (afternoon)

Parents and Community Groups – Seminar (evening)


School Framework

  • Structures for schools to put in place for best practice or work in with current school systems
  • 1 year follow-up with school leaders of schools who have completed the program and key community groups at the Sharks Community Centre.

Why the Sharks are getting involved

  • Bullying is long term, on-going violence, threats of violence and antagonisation.
  • People bully through lack of self esteem and self worth. Trying to 'prove' themselves.
  • Positive male role models are the main influencer of a persons self esteem and self worth. Sharks, along with Brett Murray are aiming to be those positive role models.
  • Knowing your self worth and value, you can dare to dream.

Dreams take Heart, Sharks have Heart! Live your dream! Be a Shark!


Sharks MBHI